• motivateArt LLC Founder, Jennifer Heslop is a

    Consultant and Business Coach
    motivateArt LLC. assists arts individuals, businesses and organizations in realizing their artistic and business visions while creating organization and structure as a solid foundation for success.


    Jennifer has 20 + years of project management experience in the arts, media and entertainment and has worked, partnered and collaborated with several organizations including Miami's Unconventional Group and Radical Partners and New York's Museum of Impact, Susan Batson Studios, UrbanErotika, MTV, VH1, WBLS/WLIB Radio Stations, Make Up For Ever, S.O.B's World Music Club and Reel Sisters Film Festival to name a few.


    Currently, she is in her third year as Film Coordinator for the Reel Sisters Film Festival, providing strong leadership in managing a team to oversee over 400 submissions for the festival each season.and is a Business Coach to organizations participating in the Radical Partners' leadership development fellowships, workshops and bootcamps.


    She is an arts consultant to new and transitioning entrepreneurs focusing on business development, project management and action strategies.



    “Jennifer is a cultural collaborator and a strong asset to any team. She combines artistic nurturing, with an arsenal of strong project management skills to propel organizational growth at the intersection of art, creativity
    and representation within communities.

    She is prepared, committed, focused, and tenacious”,

    Monica O. Montgomery,

    Museum of Impact



    Information, Inspiration and Interaction is

    motivateArt's motto for momentum!





  • Bio

    The Personal Touch

    "I'm known for my “blunt and to the point” honesty and approach, as I engage with the highest potential and possibility in every individual and circumstance. As a creative as well, I understand the artist temperament, am comfortable in a creative environment while excelling in the balance of business and art . I enjoy using my business experience to be of support and guidance to not only individuals but to organizations."


    Born to a singer and a dancer, often surrounded by eclectic people, and having lived in several countries including the U.S, Europe and the Caribbean, Jennifer’s perspective is naturally all encompassing and unique. Throughout her career, she interacts with artists of various disciplines, understanding their unique personal and artistic perspectives and providing a comfortable environment for self-expression.


    "My gift is the ability to understand, support, respect and nurture creative entrepreneurial spirit by identifying core abilities and developing them to a marketable platform. It's why I started motivateArt!

    motivateArt is the launchpad for

    turning "arts dreams" into "arts realities!"

  • A Rebel in Venus!

    Bookings- email motivateArt@gmail.com

    "This show is now, new and necessary!"

    C. Hollingsworth, Village Voice - Miami New Times

    The theatrical and visual dance opera shines a light on the powerful voice of the millennial generation and their response to the current #metoo and #timesup movements. This important piece enumerates dehumanizing sexual censorships in America today through the lens of sex-positive feminism and attempts to redefine the iconic goddess figure known as Venus.


  • “As an all-inclusive source of creativity and management, motivateArt offers services customized to the needs, goals, and objectives of our clients."


    How We Can Work Together


    *motivateArt as your Business Coach

    We work with businesses and individuals to take you from where you are now to where you want to be. Through facilitating intensive internal investigation, we provide leadership, perspective and effective guidance to those developing thriving businesses and careers.


    *motivateArt as your Consultant

    To take a dream and make it a reality, it takes strategic planning and focus. motivateArt will lead you step by step to success!

    We work with you to organize your goals, create a strategy and action plan that leads to success.


    *motivateArt as your Administrator

    motivateArt has intensive experience as business, project and production manager. By taking care of the tasks that you are unable to do, motivateArt makes room for you to focus on creating your art or moving your business vision forward.

  • Client Reviews

    Unconventional Group

    Public Art Production

    Jennifer was a pleasure to work with and a fantastic addition to my production team. She came in as an unbiased listener, eager to learn about all aspects of my business. And along the way, she helped clarify key parts of my company that needed serious attention. From the start, Jennifer cared deeply about my well being as a leader and measured her success in relationship to my professional growth. This type of relational coaching style fit well with the needs of my business, though I am confident that Jen would seamlessly adapt herself to suit the needs of anybody with whom she works.

    Museum of Impact

    Social Justice Pop Up Museum

    Working with motivateArt was a joy. As a business consultant Jennifer is attuned to understanding the needs and knowledge gaps of small businesses and finds ways to get things done to advance your artistic vision. While she was contracting with Museum of Impact, Jennifer's calm under pressure style helped me combat creative overwhelm and allowed me the freedom to dream big while curating the Movement Is Rising show. As a Museum Director her sensibilities boosted my first PopUp exhibit and was the foundation of the organization, structured well and executed with passion and precision. Jennifer straddles the lines between a creative director, production manager, show runner, project manager and highly skilled arts administrator. No matter what aspect of arts and culture you are working in, she's the one you want on your team to make it happen.


    Reel Sisters

    Film Festival

    Jennifer Heslop is a phenomenal talent whose ideas, depth and commitment in bringing a project to life makes her a valued member of any professional team. I had the pleasure of working with Jennifer on a collaboration between Mo Beasley's Urban Erotika and African Voices. She was instrumental in working through all the challenges and details necessary for the public to enjoy a seamless art experience. Jennifer Heslop understands the art of managing people, resources and time — the basic ingredients for achieving success. I am personally inspired by the enthusiasm and passion she shares with the world."

    Wine et Beaute

    Video Testimonial

    Luxury Lifestyle Brand

    motivateArt worked with Monique Benoit of Wine et Beaute as she wrote content for and designed her new website- wineetbeaute.com, providing several services including business coaching and content editing and proofreading.

    Click on the image to hear from her!


    Live Theater Performance Art Show

    motivateArt founder, Jennifer Heslop, made the "Un-Sexy"/Necessary business of release forms, bank records, expense reports, tour itineraries, and general operations SEXY for my UrbanErotika shows, workshops, and panel discussions. Jennifer's agency and her work ethic epitomize the adage that "...it is no longer 'Show Business' when an artist chooses to make a living with his/her gifts. It is now 'Business, Show.'


    Jennifer clears the path for the artist to create by taking care of the vital logistics that ensures the magic happens between artists and audiences!


    Bottom Line, Real Talk... Jennifer Heslop and motivateArt "Ain't Nothing But Da Truth!"

    Fiona Graham, Actress

    Fiona Graham


    Thank goodness for Jennifer and motivateArt! My one woman show, Mick Jagger's Muse, was a huge success thanks to Jennifer and her dedication to my production. With deep care, Jennifer supported me every step of the way with her dynamic, genius ideas bringing audiences in and creating a buzz around the city. I'm truly grateful and honored to have worked with a such a committed, positive and inspiring woman!' Jennifer is tenacious, supportive, caring and dynamic! She's a great woman to work with and she gets things done!

    Orchard Winfield Productions

    Film Production

    We had the pleasure of working with Jennifer Heslop of motivateArt, as our Production Manager for our new media series, People you Know. Immediately upon meeting Jennifer, I knew that she would be a tremendous asset to our team and someone who would provide an unique perspective to our project. Jennifer always made sure that production ran smoothly. With Jennifer by our side, we felt comfortable enough to leave the production reins in her hands. She capably handled the administrative duties necessary of our SAG-AFTRA New Media Agreement and made sure that crew was stayed on task. Jennifer even stepped up to handle some disputes that arose on set and managed large groups of cast in small spaces. We would absolutely hire Jennifer again in a heartbeat. Her energy, experience and enthusiasm is not only compelling, but also infectious. She brings the entire team up. Jennifer has a quiet confidence that inspires others to work harder and smarter. When Jennifer commits to a project she is there to see it through in every aspect and that dedication is very desirable. She is a great asset to any project that she joins and always brings the best to the table.

    Michele Mulkey

    Special Effects Make Up Artist

    I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with Jennifer Heslop while I was serving as the Supervisor of Instructional Delivery at the New York campus of Makeup Designory. Jennifer always gives 110% both professionally and personally. As the Director of Career Services at the New York campus, Jennifer truly care about the success of each artist she works with. Jennifer will spend countless hours assisting the artists with job placements, guiding each one through everything from resumes to business cards, cover letters to actual job interview preparation, insuring that each artist is prepared to enter the entertainment industry as a professional. And Jennifer’s dedication to her job doesn’t stop there. She continually follows up with each and every artist as they begin their professional careers, always ready and willing to offer any additional help or guidance needed. I would highly recommend Jennifer Heslop for any project and I personally will always welcome the opportunity to work with Jennifer again in the future.

  • motivateArt ProArtist Series

    motivateArt supports Artists and nurtures successful careers by empowering and educating Artists about the Business they are in. We are Pro the Artist!

    Through live, personal discussions with thriving Artists, the ProArtist Series will teach the basic and necessary principles of business

    as well as examine those and other systems in various artistic disciplines and genres.

    motivateArt INFORMATION

    More and more artists are becoming their own producers, brand managers and accountants etc. but are are not often equipped with the right information or are intimidated by the process. Unfortunately, professional training in the arts often excludes the information to support building a successful and thriving career.

    motivateArt INSPIRATION

    By having you, the Artist or Creative deliver the information, using your knowledge, expertise and personal experiences as the platform, other Artists will be inspired and motivated through feeling connected and understood.

    motivateArt INTERACTION

    The ProArtist Series includes lectures, presentations, day-long or week-long workshops, to be introduced to audiences (schools, arts and cultural organizations, museums etc.) throughout South Florida and NYC.

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